Hello strange creature.

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Hello Strange Creature

Fearless MTB apparel for all creatures exploring this weird world.

Gear just as curious as you are.

Our very first collection is designed for exploration, built for performance, and here to remind you, this shit is so much fun.

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Our newest tee. A perfect crop, a slouchy sleeve, and whimsical witchy art.

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Can't decide? Need mom's help? Shop our kits by vibe and color story.

We all came from the muck

A few weird cells got together and started to breathe, our eyes opened and we started to see, with a jolt of electricity we began to think, to wonder. Blinking, we crawled out of the sea, we climbed into the trees, we crafted wheels and then sweating, curious and free we started to ride.

When we ride we return

When we ride we return

Field Guide to Curious Creatures of Southwestern Montana

Our first Lookbook celebrates the place where the product was all dreamed, designed, and tested, and more importantly, all the great people, critters, and creatures in this ecosystem. Join us on a magical Montana summer weekend.

A little dirt never hurt anyone

Sharing adventures and the places we roam

Testing prototypes in the red Sedona dirt and exploring the wilds of Mexico on a bikepacking odyssey through Oaxaca.

Pasha leans up against an old building with a couple of beers and bikes in the city of Oaxaca in Mexico after a long bike pack adventure

¡Hola Oaxaca!

Exploring the wilds of Mexico on a bikepacking odyssey through Oaxaca.

Recipe: Fall Pumpkin Energy Bites

Take a peek at our new favorite fall recipe for the trails.