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"Though simply designed, its pants and shorts boast tons of low-key performance details like articulation around the knees (which helps make them flexible enough to handle speedy pedaling), zipper pockets and a cinchable cuff that makes them easier to bike in."

"The ankle cuffs veer from the normal elastic style and offer an adjustable cuff via two snap buttons for different opening widths."

"With construction and functionality at its core, the new mountain bike apparel company turns up the volume on self-expression, versatility, and comfort."

"Firmly committed to elevating industry benchmarks, the brand resonates through its emphasis on quality, sustainability, and unadulterated individual expression."

"I think my favorite aspect of these pants is that they don’t feel exclusively like bike pants, but on the bike, they are still extremely comfortable."

"The lack of a front zipper and slight stretch makes the high waist very comfortable and unobtrusive, as intended."

"They’re low bulk, and more than once I was so glad I had brought them along. And every single time I’ve worn these pants, I’ve gotten at least one compliment on them."

"Curious Creatures reimagines mountain bike apparel by offering clothes that feel and look like clothes, not costumes, allowing riders to perform their best while staying connected to their own style and the natural world around them."

"Curious Creatures, a new, technical mountain bike apparel brand dedicated to empowering outdoor enthusiasts to embrace their true selves while exploring the world on two wheels drops, new mountain bike apparel."

Hannah and Hillary take a break on the steep hillside sitting on their mountain bikes in their curious creatures hot weather kits

"Behind Curious Creatures is founder and designer Natasha Woodworth, a true Creature herself who brings a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to the brand."

"Curious Creatures tops are sewn domestically with minority-owned factory partners who operate with the best conditions for the workers."

"I’d wear the samples they sent me on any ride and to any meeting."

"Woodworth’s fifteen years of design experience further honed her creative philosophy, emphasizing sustainability, quality, and product testing rooted in personal experiences."

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