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Size & Fit

We focused a ton on fit for our first collection. As a women-led brand we know - fit is everything. But it still can be tricky to figure out your size.

Please reference the size charts below when ordering. Usually the largest part of your body is the best measurement to go by when determining your size - for women this tends to be hips, for men it's usually chest.

We also don't super believe in the whole regimented clothing gender thing, so we encourage all genders and identities to try out all styles. We field tested all of our products with both genders and they work just fine. We know plenty of men who love the "women's" styles and plenty of women who love the unisex shirts! If you like it - wear it. No rules!

Women's Tops Sizing

women's size waist chest
xsmall 26-27.5 33-34
small 28.5-29.5 35-36
medium 30.5-32 37-38.5
large 33.5-35.5 40-42
xlarge 37.5-40 44-46

Unisex Tops Sizing

women's size unisex size chest
xsmall xsmall 35
small xsmall 37
medium small 40
large medium 44
xlarge large 47
xxlarge xlarge 51

All Genders Bottoms Sizing

alpha size  numeric size waist hip mens size conversion
XS 0 25.5 35

mens 26

XS 2 26.5 36 mens 27
S 4 27.5 37 mens 28
S 6 28.5 38 mens 29
M 8 29.5 39.5 mens 30-31
M 10 30.5 42 mens 31-32
L 12 32.0 44 mens 32-33
XL 14 33.5 46 mens 33-34

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