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At Curious Creatures, we know where our products come from, the damage they create, and where they go in return. We choose to work with the best manufacturers that support innovation in renewable energy and treat their workers right.

The vast majority of our materials come from Bluesign® approved fabric mills that Curious Creatures has visited in person. This ensures we minimize the chemical impact of our fabrics.

We are a design-led company responsible for the product we put out into the world, so it is our duty to repair, repurpose and recollect throughout its cycle.

We have partnered with a local Montana repair shop to ensure there is the ability to repair your goods and keep them in use for as long as possible, and if it’s truly time to retire, we de-trim and sort by material to recycle as much of the garment as possible with major chemical companies.

After working in the industry for over 15 years and visiting countless cut & sew factories, from high fashion luxury price points to entry level price points for box store customers, we can say first hand that when brands focus on bringing cost down, the first people to suffer are the ones making the clothes.

Bringing to market low-cost price point goods largely affects the (mostly women, mostly people of color) who work at these factories in both the US and overseas.

This is why for Curious Creatures we decided to only work with the best and most reputable factories we could find. Naturally this means the cost of goods goes up as workers are paid fairly and conditions are kept at the highest level.

For all our tops we are working with domestic manufacturers who are working on creating jobs and building products in America. Our American factory partners are both minority owned and operated with the best conditions for the workers. 

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